Can Relationships Be Repaired Like Your Favorite Shoes?

In much the same way your prized soles needed an intervention to bring back their vibrancy and va-va-vooom, your relationship was suddenly facing the same hurdle.

Co-Parenting Sucks But Here Are 5 Tips to Help Make it Work

I have been successfully co-parenting, for the benefit of my kids, since the day my ex and I separated 10 years ago, and here are the five things that have gotten me to where I am today.

52 Random Thoughts About Turning 52

How can I possibly be 52?? I guess at some point I became an adult but I have no idea when. I am now closer to 80 than I am to 20.

Second Act Fitness: How Many Miles Do I Have Left?

For me, exercise is more than how it is defined in any dictionary. It is freedom. It fights the demons and the sadness. It is a way to connect with a community.

7 Things Teens Need to Know Before They Leave For College

You won’t be there to do laundry for them in college—no mater how often they seem to come home with dirty clothes.

Second Act Fitness: I Work Out For Oreos And My Sanity

I realized well into my health and wellness lifestyle that I was not designed to be a skinny size 2 or 4. So i decided to be what I am — a squat 5”2 with some muscle and definitely some evidence that I really like cupcakes.

17 Ways To Make A Great Impression On A First Date – For Women

Ladies, are you going on a date anytime soon? Here is some sound advice on how to make a good first impression and have a good time.


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