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Some people don’t believe in therapy. Some people are afraid of it. Some people just don’t understand it.

I may have been in one of those categories a long time ago.

That changed for me about 20 years ago when Howie and I had fertility issues. It took a long time and a few rounds of in vitro before our girls were born. I had a very hard time dealing with this back then. My mother-in-law suggested talking to a therapist that she hah heard of. I made an appointment with her and very quickly found her to be helpful. I continued to see her for a few years. After our daughters were born and life was a little more settled, I stopped going to therapy.

A week or so after Howie died, my mother answered my phone while I was out one day. When I arrived home, she told me that my old therapist called. She told my mom that she had heard about Howie and was reaching out to me to see how I was doing.  It was so thoughtful.

My therapist and I spoke over the phone and she asked if I wanted to come in and talk to her. I absolutely did. She squeezed me in the following day. After that I started to see her regularly.

I am certainly not trying to preach to anyone. We are all different. But going to therapy at that time really helped me get through those horrible first few months. My therapist made me realize that everyone has to get through things in their own way and in their own time. That I needed to do what I felt was right for myself and my girls. That is what I tried to do and still do.

Eight months later, my therapist told me she was retiring. She actually said I was the patient she was dreading telling the most. This was obviously upsetting.

I tried someone new but it didn’t feel right to me. I was not comfortable talking to her the way I did with my therapist.

It needs to be the right fit.

A couple of years later I felt I really needed to go back into therapy. After a few tries I finally found another therapist that I love. I went regularly for a while but now just go as needed, which seems to be getting less frequently :).

My girls have also gone to therapy. Different therapists for their different needs. And where Amanda is concerned, I believe it saved her. She has given me permission to tell her story and I will be doing that soon…


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  1. So happy that you found someone when you needed it most. I know we can’t always handle things on our own and, in my case, I have discussed issues with my girls and my sisters as they always have my best interest at heart. If they didn’t or I felt they did not, I would definitely seek help elsewhere!
    I was also surprised to hear about your fertility issues as both of my girls did also and also had subsequent wonderful children I can call my grandchildren! Invitro is something that has helped so many women become wonderful mothers, like yourself!
    Stay strong! xxxxxx

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