10 Packing Musts for Memorial Day Weekend

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Memorial Day means summer fashion and summer fun. Here are ten things you need for next weekend’s holiday and all summer long.

1.White jeans! Ladies it’s time! Memorial Day marks the official start time for white jeans. I don’t know what’s more challenging; shopping for bathing suits or white jeans? I dread both. Here’s the thing… they don’t have to be skin tight. Make sure to check the “ingredients” of the jeans; they should have more stretch than 98% cotton. Another styling trick is to remove the front pockets. Why? Because they announce that the jean is transparent with the pockets shining through. I love a rip detail or some fringe to add texture. A great alternative to white is grey. I always suggest buying a size bigger than you typically wear. Yes they will “stretch out” but let’s be honest… no one has time to break in a pair of white denim. Wash on cold and air dry. MOTHER Denim is one of my favorite brands for white denim.



2.Wedges! The higher the heel the closer to G-d. Wedges come in all shapes and styles, but a big NO NO is foam wedge.  A wedge heel is a MUST because you need height to feel your best while your drinking and eating through the holiday weekend. Tips to remember: a wedge looks best when you show it off, so don’t wear it with a cotton maxi. Wedge and a jumpsuit, or silk maxi is fine, but if it’s a cotton material, stay away. Wedges with jeans are fine, BUT make sure the jean is tailored if it’s a skinny jean. It grinds my gears when women wear their jeans too long and then wear a wedge. It looks sloppy. A wedge with a flare jean is the jam, but make sure the flare kisses the ground and isn’t too short. Speaking of shorts, you can pair a wedge and shorts together but make sure you tuck your t-shirt or blouse in to give yourself a shape. Below are must-have wedges for the season and all are walkable.



3. Party Bag!! Clients send me emergency texts before stepping out for the evening asking “what bag should I wear?” Evening summer bags can be a challenging. You don’t want a straw bag you found lying around your closet that looks like something you bought at a flea market.  Here’s the trick to avoid this problem. Buy a universal summer clutch you can pair with everything. Cult Gaia clutches are having a HUGE moment and I’m OBSESSED!




4. Daytime dress! Whether you are meeting the ladies for a daytime cocktail or running errands, trade in your workout leggings for an easy daytime dress. Pair it with white sneakers or a WEDGE and look polished, cute and sexy at the same time. Remember if you don’t plan to actually workout than leggings are not pants. Below are my favorite effortless dresses.




5. Sunglasses! It’s difficult to find a great pair BUT essential that you bring at least two pairs. Why? Because you’ll most likely misplace one pair in the car so at least you will have a back up! Quay is an awesome brand that makes affordable eyewear. Check out a few of my favorite styles.




6. Face masks! After your first night of tequila and salty food you need a spin class but, more importantly, you need a face mask. Give yourself self-love and put a few in your toiletry bag. It’s also a great way to create space between you and your significant other because he will be get the hint you need alone time. Or grab your daughter, niece, bestie and relish in the laughs together. If you follow me on Instagram, you’ll find some very funny stories of me and my sister, and our face mask hysteria!




7. White blouse! You can’t pack for Memorial Day weekend without your favorite white flowy blouse. With a little glow from the sun, nothing makes me happier than an amazing white top. Below are my favorites right now. Pair with white jeans for a monochromatic look (make sure the top is long enough to reach the bottom of the back pockets), blue denim, shorts, or ripped skinny jeans.





8. Statement Earrings! Accessories are my favorite part of creating an outfit. I believe we have limbs for decorating! Hoops, fringe, dainty diamond threaders, you name it you need it. Earrings highlight your face so don’t leave home without a pair on. If you have multiple holes pierced, use them all.  Just because you are onto your “Next Chapter” doesn’t mean you can’t put a diamond stud in your second hole.




9. Lightweight blazer! I know what you are thinking… I’m going to have a hot flash. Relax – you are fine!  You are not leaving the house without a third piece, so you might as well create an outfit from it. A simple tailored tank, a blazer with a pop of color and jeans is the perfect party outfit.  Easy to pack, and perfect for most indoor venues that have blazing a/c.




10. Remember the off-shoulder trend? It’s still here, but so is the one shoulder! Much easier to wear and perfect for the holiday weekend! You will need a strapless bra (not that big of deal.) Make sure you front tuck in the blouse and style it with your favorite jean.





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