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Back in the 90s, I was a huge Sex and the City fan. I even traveled in a group of four. My three friends were my Miranda, Charlotte and Samantha. I was, of course, Carrie. But then again, didn’t everyone believe that they were Carrie? Rethinking it, I could have also possibly been a Charlotte.

My four became three, and eventually two.  The two that remain today are me and my bestie Wendy. Our paths continued together and always will.

Twenty years after Sex and the City, not only did I find myself suddenly single, I also became a writer. Maybe I was Carrie after all.

If Carrie was writing today, she may have her own blog like I do. She may have also started an online magazine, just like Living the Second Act.  Yes, I am Carrie.

Except for one thing…

I don’t write about dating or sex. I can’t be Carrie without writing about those two important topics.

My best friend Wendy dates a lot, and I recently convinced her to write about it for Living the Second Act. I knew she would be great, and I was right. Her articles are some of the most viewed and talked about on our site. She gives great advice with her own humorous touch.

Mimi and I decided to give Wendy an advice column of her own. We are so excited about “Ask Wendy”, and we can’t wait to read the fun advice that she will give to our readers.

If I can’t be Carrie, I am happy my best friend will take my place. Wendy will write about dating, and sex, and maybe even friendship (since she is the best friend in the world.)

I am officially Charlotte: a little sweeter (Wendy would be the first to agree), a little more starry-eyed, and a little more easy-going. Wendy is a little more honest and probably a lot more fun.

Wendy even looks a little like Carrie; people have stopped her on the street to tell her this!

I am lucky that Wendy is the Carrie to my Charlotte. I know she will be giving others the great advice she has given me over the years.

One question remains – who wants to be Samantha and Miranda?

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Wendy is very excited to answer your dating questions and give you the best advice you can get from someone with loads of dating experience. Share your dating stories with us and ask Wendy what she would do using the form below. We will post your stories, questions and Wendy’s response every week right here on ASK WENDY!


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