10 Ways To Bring A Little Happiness Into Your Life

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We all feel down sometimes, but here are few little tricks to bring some happiness into your day, and maybe even your life.

  1. Don’t Get So Angry – Yes I know, easier said than done. People do things to piss us off all the time, friends as well as strangers, but how does it help you to honk your horn and yell at the car that is driving too slow in front of you? This will only stress you. Take a breath and realize that this is not the end of the world.
  2. Speaking of taking a breath – Breathe. I was addicted to yoga for a while. I had to stop practicing due to an injury, but one of the important things I took from yoga is learning to breathe. When I am upset, angry, or stressed, I close my eyes and connect to my breath. It calms me and the concentration takes my mind away from whatever upset me.
  3. Music – When we are sad and listen to sad music, it can make things worse. Try happy music – anything you love, be it the latest hit or a tune that takes you back to a happier time. XM Studio 54 usually works for me! It truly elevates my mood.
  4. A Favorite Scent  – When I was told to bring scents into my home, I thought it was nonsense. I was proven wrong. I now have candles in every scent that I love and light all the time. The fragrance calms me and makes me happy.
  5. Radical Acceptance – What is this? It is one of the most important things I have learned through therapy. It’s similar to part of the AA Mantra… Accept the things you cannot change. This can be something big in your life, but my favorite example is being stuck in traffic – the roads are bumper to bumper and you are freaking out because you are going to be late (or you just hate traffic.) Getting aggravated will not help – there is nothing you can do, so accept it – you are stuck in traffic. Eventually you won’t be.
  6. Smile and Say Please and Thank You – I know I sound like freaking Snow White. Believe me I am not, but you cannot understand how being pleasant to people changes your own mood until you try it.
  7. Self-Care – Wear a favorite outfit, get you hair done, get a mani/pedi. It’s amazing how feeling good about your appearance can change your mood.
  8. Exercise – I am not an expert about this one, but just like #7, feeling good about yourself always helps. Exercise releases endorphins which elevate your mood.
  9. Think Happy Thoughts – Again Snow White? When my daughter was young, she had a hard time sleeping. I would lay in her bed and tell her to think happy thoughts. I would give her a few happy things to think about as she tried to sleep. We can do this for ourselves. Find something positive in your life (even the tiniest thing) to concentrate on when you are feeling negative.
  10. Go Outdoors – Look up from your phone and get fresh air. Take a short walk or just sit outside for a few minutes. Mother Nature always helps.

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