Did you walk the halls of West Beverly? Were Cindy and Jim your perfect parents? Were you Team Brandon or Team Dylan? Were you glued to your TV on Wednesday nights?

Find out exactly what kind of 90210 fan you were…

1. Where did Brenda and Brandon move to Beverly Hills from?


2. Which character got pregnant during her freshman year of college?


3. Who played Steve Sanders girlfriend during season 8, and then went on to become an Oscar Winner?


4. Which two characters went to Europe for a summer vacation?


5. Where did Valerie move to Beverly Hills from?


6. Where did Brenda and Dylan have sex for the first time?


7. Which of Brandon’s numerous girlfriends goes a little “psycho”?


8. When forced to make a choice in a love triangle, who does Kelly choose?


9. Donna broke up with Ray Pruitt because


10. What was the nightclub called?


11. Which two characters get married on the series finale?


Does Donna Martin graduate??