Dear Wendy –

I’m 37 and my boyfriend and I have been together for a couple of years but he doesn’t want kids – and I do. Do you think I can change his mind or should I bail?

– Anonymous

Dear Anonymous –

Chances are you will not change his mind.   But, I’d sit down and have that talk with him.   If he is insistent that he never wants kids, then he will never want kids and you will not change his mind. If that is the case, it’s time to move on.  The longer you stay with him the less chance that you have of finding a partner that wants the same things that you want and finding your true happiness.  You will always regret not going after what you really want and what is important to you.

– Wendy


Hi Wendy!

I love your advice column! My question is:

I’m completely new to the online dating community and I’m still a little skeptical. Are people really able to find others they like & want to spend time with on these things? What apps are good if I’m looking for more than just a ‘hook up?’

– Gina

Hi Gina-

Thank you so much.  I understand being skeptical of online dating.  It’s not easy. But it does work.  There are so many different dating sites. I’d joint at least one paying one like I think people are more serious about meeting someone if they have fill out an entire profile and have to pay to join.   But join some of the swiping sites too.  They are free so you have nothing to lose.  Make sure you are very clear about what you are looking for so you aren’t wasting your time.   Try to keep it all positive.   If you find you aren’t interested after a few texts, move on.    Ask questions about things that that are important to you.    If you find you are interested, then try to set up a meeting quickly.  If the guy seems to just want to text and not move forward from there, then move on.   Good- luck with your search and have fun!!

– Wendy