How Well Do You Remember 80s Pop Culture?

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Were you a girl that just wanted to have fun? Did your family forget your 16th birthday? How well do you remember 80s pop culture?

1. What was the first video ever played on MTV?


2. Which sitcom starred a young Alyssa Milano?


3. Susan Dey, who played Lori Partridge in the 70s, starred in which 80s drama?


4. Who did Sarah Jessica Parker date in the 80s?


5. Who was Will Smith’s partner in a rap duo?


6. Which actress starred in a Bruce Springsteen music video?


7. Who was Madonna married to for a short time in the 80s?


8. Which classic 80s movie was about a welder who dreamed of being a dancer?


9. Stacey Q sang which classic 80s one-hit wonder?


10. Which 80s teen sensation sang the ballad “Lost in Your Eyes”?


11. Which Brat-Packer was not in The Breakfast Club?


12. Which famous actress starred in E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial when she was just seven years old?



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Second Act TV Junkie began watching at three years old with Sesame Street. She enjoyed Happy Day and Laverne & Shirley in the 70s, Dynasty and Knots Landing in the 80s, Friends and Beverly Hills 90210 in the 90s, Sex and the City and Entourage in the 2000s and today, anything from The Bachelor to This Is Us. She is now thrilled with Netflix to catch up on anything she has missed through the years. :)

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