Quiz – Did You Want Your MTV?

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Were you there when video killed the radio star? Did you sit on your couch for hours watching video after video? Did you “want your MTV”? Take the quiz to discover what you remember from MTV’s golden age.

1. Who was NOT an original VJ?


2. Who played Cyndi Lauper’s dad in the “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun” video?


3. MTV launched in what year?


4. Which was Madonna’s first music video?


5. What was the name of MTV’s first game show?


6. Who was the original host of MTV’s House of Style?


7. Which song included the words “I want my MTV” in its lyrics?


8. What was Michael Jackson’s first video on MTV?


9. Where did the first season of “The Real World” take place?


10. Which group was caught lip-synching at a Club MTV live performance?


11. Who hosted Club MTV?


12. Which video features a live-action pencil-sketch sequence?



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Second Act TV Junkie began watching at three years old with Sesame Street. She enjoyed Happy Day and Laverne & Shirley in the 70s, Dynasty and Knots Landing in the 80s, Friends and Beverly Hills 90210 in the 90s, Sex and the City and Entourage in the 2000s and today, anything from The Bachelor to This Is Us. She is now thrilled with Netflix to catch up on anything she has missed through the years. :)

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