The Romantic Comedy Quiz

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It’s almost Valentine’s Day – a great time of year to cuddle in front of the TV with your favorite movie. Test your knowledge on the wonderfulness that is romantic comedies.

1. Which movie did NOT star Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan?


2. What movie is credited for popularizing the name “Madison” for girls?


3. What does Vivian say to the nasty salesgirls in Pretty Woman?


4. Which Arquette sibling starred in Desperately Seeking Susan alongside Madonna?


5. Which movie was made in the 90s and set in the 80s?


6. Which romantic comedy makes reference to the classic film An Affair to Remember?


7. Whose mother said the famous line, “I’ll have what she’s having” in When Harry Met Sally?


8. Which network does Alison (Katherine Hiegl) work for in Knocked Up?


9. Which is NOT a line from Jerry Maguire?


10. According to Urban Dictionary, which movie title means “the moment the morning after a one-night stand when you realize the person beside you is so ugly that you would gladly gnaw off any limb they are sleeping on just to get away without being discovered”?


Take this fun quiz to test your knowledge on all things romantic movies!



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