Ten 80s Trends That We Don’t Want Back (Or Do We?)

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There were many 80s trends that make us look back and say, “What were we thinking?” But then again, maybe some would be fun to wear today. What 80s trends did you love or hate?

  1. Shoulder Pads – We could not leave the house in the 80s without giant football player shoulders. If your shirt did not come with shoulder pads, we would put our own in, holding them in place with our bra straps.
  2. Capezios – Teens did not go clubbing in high heels like they do today. Our go-to dancing shoes were white pointy flats, all the better if you added cute shoelaces.
  3. Royal Blue Eyeliner/Mascara – Our eyes were noticed from miles away.
  4. Big Hair – The bigger, the better. If you were not blessed with wild hair, perms were a must. And don’t forget the Aqua Net!
  5. Giant Sparkly Earrings – I guess this was the only way they would be seen under the huge hair.
  6. Z. Cavaricci Jeans – High-waisted, pleated and tapered at the ankle with that little white label at the crotch. Not a good look on anyone.
  7. Flashdance Sweatshirts – I can admit it – this one I would love to have back. Comfy and sexy at the same time. I would still love to look like Jennifer Beals.
  8. Tracksuits, Especially Sergio Tacchini – Comfortable yes, but so unattractive. Plus that noise they made when we walked!
  9. Jelly Shoes – They were literally made of plastic. They were also very inexpensive and could be worn anywhere.
  10. Leg-Warmers – Were our legs that cold? We wore them with everything from workout wear to jeans. A must-have finishing touch for any outfit.


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