Remembering 90210 In Time For The Reboot

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If you were a 90210 fan like I was, you don’t need too much reminding.

We all remember the basics – Brenda and Brandon are twins who moved from Minnesota to Beverly Hills, Brenda dated Dylan, Kelly stole Dylan. Donna was the virgin who dated David the DJ, Andrea was the bookworm who got pregnant, Brenda left the show, Valerie Malone arrived, Brandon dated Kelly, Steve was always screwing up.

Let’s talk about some random facts we may not remember as well – 

  1. Besides Kelly, Brandon had many girlfriends in the 10 year run of the show. These are just a few…
    • Nikki Witt – Nikki originally almost came between Donna and David but she soon fell for Brandon at the beginning of senior year of high school. Just when Brandon seemed happy, Nikki moved back to San Francisco.
    • Brooke Alexander – Brooke was the blonde girl from the beach club. They seemed happy until Brooke showed her true colors as a racist.
    • Susan Keats – Susan and Brandon might have made it if it wasn’t for his on again/off again relationship with Kelly. She also eventually moved away.
    • Tracy Gaylian – They worked at the TV station together during college. Poor Tracy – Brandon dumped her for Kelly.
    • Lucinda – The married older woman Brandon met during his freshman year of college. Side note – she also played Joey’s love interest on Friends.
    • And of course…Emily Valentine – Back at West Beverly, Brandon fell for the new girl, Emily. They were happy until she drugged him and became a stalker. She does eventually get help and returns in later seasons.
  2. To escape Beverly Hills, and Dylan and Kelly’s relationship, Brenda decides to go to college in Minnesota. She finds herself unhappy there and comes back to California University.
  3. While trying to find the group Color Me Badd, Donna discovers her mother having an affair.
  4. Donna’s cousin, Gina Kincaid, comes to town and dates both Dylan and David. We later learn that she is actually Donna’s half-sister; Gina’s mother had an affair with Dr. Martin.
  5. The following were all residents of the beach house at one time – 
    • Donna Martin
    • Kelly Taylor
    • David Silver
    • Claire Arnold
    • Carly Reynolds
    • Zach Reynolds
    • Gina Kincaid
    • Janet Sosna
    • Matt Durning
  6. Steve and Kelly never dated on the show. They were already exes when the show began.
  7. Jim and Cindy move to Hong Kong, so Brandon and his friends take over The Walsh House.
  8. David had a friend named Scott in high school who accidentally shot and killed himself.
  9. Dylan’s dad, Jack McKay, died in a car explosion. It turned out that he did not really die, but was in the Witness Protection Program for seven years.
  10. Dylan was married to Toni Marchette for about five minutes. Her dad hired someone to kill Dylan and ended up killing his daughter by mistake.
  11. Kelly was injured in a fire at a party thrown by Steve while Brandon was off with his ex – Emily Valentine.
  12. Early in their relationship, Brenda had a pregnancy scare and broke up with Dylan.
  13. Andrea cheated on Jesse after their daughter Hannah was born, with a medical intern named Peter.
  14. Kelly dates Colin, who becomes a cocaine addict, and so does Kelly.
  15. Kelly dates Matt for awhile, but their relationship gets complicated when Dylan comes back and when Matt’s schizophrenic wife pops up.
  16. Steve marries Janet and they have a baby.
  17. Ray Pruitt – Donna’s musician and pumpkin farming boyfriend. He becomes abusive, cheats on Donna with Valerie and eventually stalks Donna and her new boyfriend, Joe.
  18. The summer that Brenda goes to Paris – Dylan is with Kelly and Brenda is with Dean Cain. Brenda pretends to be French.
  19.  On a camping trip, Dylan almost falls off a cliff and Brandon rescues him.
  20. Kelly’s mom and David’s dad get married and have baby Erin. He eventually cheats on her and they divorce.
  21. Laura Kingman – accuses Steve of raping her (he did not), tries to steal the part of Maggie in Cat on a Hot Tin Roof from Brenda, and tries to kill herself.
  22. The series finale is Donna and David’s wedding. We later learn that the two divorce.

Did you remember these? Do you remember details from 90210? Are you ready for the reboot?


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