Reinventing Myself In My Second Act

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My old friend Mimi Golub, Co-founder of “Living the Second Act”, reached out to me recently and asked me to write a piece for her magazine about WHY I chose this journey of working in the fitness industry with ages 50 and beyond in my second act of life.

What a great question! Everyone has a “why” in everything they choose to do whether they realize it or not, and knowing MY “why” with regard to my work is a huge part of what motivates me to continue doing what I do.

After a brief career in Human Resources Management, I chose to stay at home and raise my 3 children. I really enjoyed being an at home mom, but I began to feel as if I had lost a sense of myself and my interests. Being a caring, giving mom is one of the most important jobs on planet earth, and I value this responsibility immensely. But, nurturing your own self and soul is also imperative in life.

We only have one shot at it on earth, and I was feeling as if I was not giving it my BEST shot. I had many strengths that I knew were not meeting their potential, and this made me feel lost, sad, and depressed.

How was I to create a new me and reinvent myself after having “not worked” for 19 years? I write “not worked” in quotes because we all know I was working my tail off as an at home mom. I was just not being paid for it!!!! And I know this is normal, but I was not feeling appreciated by my kids.

I wanted to feel valued and appreciated in the work I chose to do as I embarked on this new journey of reinventing myself. Don’t we all want to feel valued and appreciated? We all are UNIQUE individuals that can offer this world lots of value. The world needs all of us to tap into our PASSIONS.

When my daughter Sarah was 18, she offered me a bit of insight. She knew how much I was struggling, and was so supportive of my hopeful reinvention. She said, “Mom, why don’t you help others be the best they can be? That’s what you do for your 3 children, so why don’t you try and do that for others?” I will hold this comment dear to my heart for the rest of my life. I might not have FELT appreciated by my kids, but deep down I know I am.

In 2015, when my kids were 14, 16, and 19, I began to reinvent myself in the fitness industry as certified personal trainer and certified group exercise instructor who specializes in working with people ages 50 and beyond.

Raising my kids was and still is the hardest job I have EVER had, and fitness has ALWAYS been my therapy of choice. Don’t get me wrong. I am big believer in psychotherapy. I have seen countless therapists in my lifetime to help me navigate the crises and crap. I could have probably purchased a 2nd home in Colorado by now with all the money I have dumped into psychotherapy (kidding…. not kidding!!).

But, fitness offers something psychotherapy does not.

The endorphin high, as well as the “I can do this. I WILL do this” attitude that comes with it. Fitness helps me manage the next curve ball life WILL throw my way. My life has been one massive curve ball after the other!

So, WHY do I specialize in working with ages 50 and beyond in my work?

  1. I enjoy helping others be the best they can be via fitness regardless of their age!

  2. I LOVE to build others up via fitness. As we reach middle age, life can get very heavy with massive responsibility. We all should be building each other up in life to help each other through the good and the yuck. Life is hard. Let’s cheer each other on!

  3. #ageisjustanumber. Yes!!! I get great joy from helping others feel mentally AND physically strong via fitness regardless of their age!

  4. Regardless of our age or condition, untapped potential is within us waiting to be born. I strive to help others feel this potential via fitness. It’s never too late to begin an exercise routine, and every effort counts!!

  5. Aging is out of our control, but our effort and attitude towards aging is in our control. In life we are not in control of anything BUT our effort and attitude. More than half the battle in anything, including fitness, is effort and attitude.

In return I have created positive experiences and meaningful connections through the course of my day. I also get to encounter many friendly, happy, appreciative people through the work that I do. THIS. IS. PRICELESS.

Are you struggling with your purpose in your 2nd act? Write down your passions, strengths, and “why”, and chip away at reinventing yourself one baby step at a time. You got this!!

Stay Strong!

Just Keep Moving Forward!

Just Keep Moving!

Movement is Medicine!





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