I Can’t Believe It: My Daughter Is Dating My Friend’s Son

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My daughter Lily is dating my friend’s son, Jacob. It has been six months and they are going strong. The situation is crazy in the best way possible.

All moms probably joke with their friends about their children dating or even getting married. It doesn’t usually happen, but this time it did. 

I have “family friends” whose children grew up with mine. Some have sons the same age as Lily. I am sure at one point or another we wished they would end up together. But these kids have known each other since they were born. They are more like cousins or even siblings, so it was never likely to happen.

But she hadn’t met this particular friend’s son before. 

My Daughter Is Dating My Friend’s Son: How They Met

I am lucky. My group of high school friends is still as close as we were when we were seventeen. I have known many of them since second grade. We get together a few times a year, but it is usually just us. We know each other’s husbands and children to some extent, but we are the ones with the history.

I believe in signs. 

My dad passed away last February, and my high school friends all showed up for a Shiva call, which turned into one of our late-night talk sessions. But this time it included my mom, sister, daughters, and my oldest’s girlfriend. Unbeknownst to me, my friend Robin spent some time chatting with Lily.

She mentioned that Lily would be perfect for her son Jacob, but Lily was dating someone else at the time. Robin later told me that she felt a strange pull towards my daughter the whole night and that she felt Lily would have a place in her life.

This is what I believe was a sign from my dad.

Just a few short weeks later, Lily’s relationship ended. What happened next is not what you think. Robin and I did not set them up. Lily and Jacob met each other on a dating app – having no idea who the other one was!

If this isn’t fate, I don’t know what is.

All In The Family

I adore my friend Robin, and it is easy to adore her son just as much. He is smart, kind, generous, and most importantly, is so good to my daughter. His parents raised him well. Jacob has easily become part of our family, and I know Lily has become part of his. 

It has only been six months. Some have asked, “What if this doesn’t work out? What will become of your friendship with Robin?”

I hope that never happens, but we of course have to realize that it is always a possibility. I believe that Lily and Jacob are good people, and would never intentionally hurt each other. What I can say is that I will always protect my daughter and my friend will do the same with her son. But as long as they treat each other with respect, our friendship will withstand it.

For now, we are all enjoying the ride. Robin and I have already spent time with the happy couple, along with her husband and my boyfriend. The plan is to soon add the siblings to the mix. 

Not to get too far ahead of myself, but this would be the most fun wedding ever! Knocking wood, of course 😀.


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