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When Mimi Met Stacy...For Real
When Mimi Met Stacy…For Real

Living the Second Act Founders Mimi and Stacy have been in business for a year but have never met. Find out what happens the first time they get together.

viral post
What Happened When My Post Went Viral

I woke myself up, brushed my teeth, and put on my handy-dandy readers before I took a look at it again. I refreshed my screen and the updated stats appeared. In the seven minutes since I had last checked, there appeared to be almost another 1,000 views. The number had risen to almost 11,000.

in law
10 Reasons To Love Your Parent-In-Law

In-laws are the source of many jokes and can be the cause of great stress in a marriage. What if we thought about it differently and found reasons to love our parent-in-law as much as we love our own parents?

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