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Reinventing Myself In My Second Act

In 2015, when my kids were 14, 16, and 19, I began to reinvent myself in the fitness industry as certified personal trainer and certified group exercise instructor who specializes in working with people ages 50 and beyond.

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My Mother, A Medium and Letting Go

It’s hard to imagine that you can communicate with people who have passed away. It doesn’t really compute in the mortal world. Even though I love the movie Ghost, it lacks the trappings of reality.

Mending Broken Friendships

Friendships are compelling and complicated. It’s as if two people who become good friends sign a contract to be supportive 24/7, love each other unconditionally, and have each other’s backs no matter what.

Am I Aging Out Of Shopping?

I rarely focus on the fact that I am getting older, until I am reminded that I am. Clothing stores do a pretty good job of keeping me grounded in the aging game.

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