Author Mary McGrath

Mary McGrath is a freelance writer based in Los Angeles. Her work has appeared in a number of publications including:Chicken Soup for the Soul (Jan. 2019), Newsweek, Wall St. Journal,,, LANG Newspaper Group, and Good Housekeeping, Please find her work at

My socks
What Happened To My Socks??

Do all of us start failing at these easy tasks? I hope not. I don’t think losing socks has much to do with age, but it’s easy to blame yourself.

ability in the kitchen
Cooking Is Not My Style

When I was about 27, I attempted to make rice for the first time. I grew up watching I Love Lucy, and that was part of the problem.

Reading glasses? Oh no, not me!
Reading Glasses? Oh No, Not Me!

I went through the five stages of grief. First there was denial. I don’t need reading glasses. It’s just the lighting, the printer, and the moon being in Uranus. I was blaming everything on that blurry font.