Author Stacy Feintuch

Stacy was a stay-at-home mom/part-time preschool teacher whose life was turned upside down in 2011 when her husband passed away suddenly of a heart attack.  She is raising her two fabulous daughters, now ages 18 and 20, who are turning into wonderful young women.  In 2016, she started a blog about her experience as a young widow, The Widow Wears Pink. This led her to write for other publications including Huffington Post,, Scary Mommy, Grown & Flown, Kveller, Modern Loss, Thought Catalog, and many more. In 2018 she started Living the Second Act with fellow writer Mimi Golub. Today, Stacy and her daughters  are happily living their "new normal" while always keeping her husband's spirit alive.

Lifelong Friends
11 Benefits Of Lifelong Friendships

We laugh – Not just regular laughter; it is such hysterical laughter that makes my eyes tear and my face hurt. We laugh about old times and new times – everything is just funny when we are together.

solo parent
Life As A Solo Parent

If something were to happen to us, our children would have no parents. This is a scary thought and why we need to be extra cautious with ourselves.

Type B Personality
Being A Type B Personality In A Type A World

I have always thought I was born in the wrong decade.  I should have been around in the 60s. I would have made a fabulous flower child. My hair would have grown long and wild with a flowered halo resting on top. I would have worn long, flowy skirts and walked around barefoot. I love

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