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scars tell a story
Our Scars Tell A Story

Whatever pain and scars you are trying to hide, may not ever fully heal. But, when you face them, when you show them, when you overcome them; there will be a story, a testimony of what you have made it through.

when you lose a spouse
What You Gain When You Lose A Spouse

A friend recently posted an article titled ‘What you lose when you gain a spouse.’ It got me thinking – there should be an article about what you gain when you lose a spouse. So here goes.

Someday: For A Loved One Suffering A Loss

Someday you’ll be able to find joy in memories without the jolt of pain. Some days you won’t. Some days you will have fleeting moments of freedom through simple forgetfulness, don’t feel guilty about those.

new beginning
My Own New Beginning

 It’s June…the temperatures are rising, everything is green, and lush. Kids in school are getting restless, daydreaming of pool dates and beach vacations, ready for the…

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