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Are You Bothered By The Exclamation Point? I Am!!!!!!!!!!

“Punctuation is a courtesy designed to help readers understand a story without stumbling.” – Lynn Truss, Author of NYT Bestselling Eats, Shoots, and Leaves Looking back, I can trace the root of it all to 1994, with the advent of “casual Fridays.” What for my younger self seemed a respite from convention soon revealed itself

fantasy writer
The Double Life of a Proper Housewife

I turned people on and told their truths and drilled my characters into their hearts. Virtual strangers shared intimate stories, asked my advice [!], and extended outrageous invitations to private online scenes.

viral post
What Happened When My Post Went Viral

I woke myself up, brushed my teeth, and put on my handy-dandy readers before I took a look at it again. I refreshed my screen and the updated stats appeared. In the seven minutes since I had last checked, there appeared to be almost another 1,000 views. The number had risen to almost 11,000.