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When My Daughter Got a Memorial Tattoo for her Dad

She came to me again at some point and pleaded her case further, believing that the tattoo she wanted and the reasoning behind it would soften me. Her dad died when she was 12. What she was proposing was a small tattoo, on the inside of her arm, of his very recognizable signature.

abject poverty
The Struggle Coming From Abject Poverty

I was a wounded and frightened child trying to live an adult life. After a year I wanted to have a baby, after all when you are finishing up your last year in high school, and a successful year at that, and you have outgrown the party scene, the next logical step would be to start a family.

empty nest transition
Are You Losing Your Mom-Cred?

As her daughter’s college freshman year comes to a close, this author wonders how their relationship will change and what will be the next step for both of them.

Am I Having A Mom Life Crisis?

Is this it? Is this life? Now, don’t get me wrong, I love my girls, more than the air I breathe. But aren’t I more than just “Mom?” More than a Wife? More than an employee? Some days I don’t even know who I am,

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