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Why Do We Mom-Shame?

The judgiest judges went crazy. The way I was bashed, one would have thought I had written an article about beating my children. I was called a horrible mother and told that I was ruining my children’s lives.

a bunch of dumb kids
An Unexpected High School Reunion

My girlfriends of about 40 years were gathered in a small circle, chatting and giggling, while looking over small phone screens at pictures of each other’s children. The scene felt somewhat familiar…

Friends helping through tragedy
How My Friends Got Me Through Tragedy

When I met them, I had no idea how much I would need them. I am so grateful for these women and their families. Sometimes, I don’t believe that my daughters and I would have survived the hardest moments without them.

Do You Believe In Signs?

I would like to believe, but I have never been sure if “signs” from loved ones who have passed away are really possible. I sometimes think that maybe we just search for them to make ourselves feel better.


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Be a Better Friend
8 Ways to be a Better Friend

There are several ways to be a “good friend” and a crap load of ways to be a “bad” one. I know you can all relate! I have seen friendships end over stupid arguments, miscommunication and Facebook.