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the mother I lost
An Ode To The Mom I Lost

My mom was extraordinary. She had a list of living donors willing to part with their organ just so she could live. In 1995 all that altruism and charity was frowned upon. Doctors would never think of taking something from someone that wasn’t a genetic link.

solo parent
Life As A Solo Parent

If something were to happen to us, our children would have no parents. This is a scary thought and why we need to be extra cautious with ourselves.

Type B Personality
Being A Type B Personality In A Type A World

I have always thought I was born in the wrong decade.  I should have been around in the 60s. I would have made a fabulous flower child. My hair would have grown long and wild with a flowered halo resting on top. I would have worn long, flowy skirts and walked around barefoot. I love

Demise of a dancer
Demise Of The Dancer

Sally’s mind rolls backward to that fateful evening at 15, when her mother, diluting her sorrows with another round of gin, insisted her daughter needed to “try a little harder”.

What’s My Name?

It is every parent’s worst nightmare.A college student mistakenly gets into a car which she thought was her Uber and the driver murders her. It is almost impossible to wrap your head around.

single guy tagging along
A Story Of An Uninvited Widower

Within 24 hours, I was told by my buddy that the wives did not want me to tag along. Including a fifth wheel on this trip, it seems, was not what they were looking for. So I was unceremoniously dropped.