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What Are You Looking For In A Relationship?

I think the problem many of us have on this second go-round is that while being with another person sounds fantastic, it is pretty hard to pull off, especially after spending 50 or 60 years on the planet without that other person in your life.

stay out of debt
How to Stay Out of Debt This Holiday Season

You’re still paying off your 2018 holiday shopping. You’re worried about a possible recession. You feel pressure to buy gifts for family and friends this holiday season even though you can’t afford it. You’re planning on going shopping anyway. Sound familiar?

early decision
It’s The Season…For Early Decision

When that date arrived, we did what has become strangely common… we gathered closely around our computer, while my younger daughter sat patiently waiting to record what we hoped would be one of our happiest moments. 

Life Insurance
The Importance of Life Insurance

Now what? Did I have to go back to work full-time? Who would hire me after being out of the job market for 12 years? How was I now going to support the three of us? Was I going to lose our house?

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