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Why Do We Mom-Shame?

The judgiest judges went crazy. The way I was bashed, one would have thought I had written an article about beating my children. I was called a horrible mother and told that I was ruining my children’s lives.

chicken soup
Our Chicken Soup Tradition

After my husband’s death, I had no desire to make chicken soup anymore. It made me sad to make it without him being able to enjoy it. And then my older daughter asked me to make chicken soup again…

The Tale of the Frizzy-Haired Girl

I spend a ridiculous amount of time blow-drying my hair in the morning, and by the time I walk the 50 steps from my car to my office, the frizz has ruined my efforts. Story of my life.

Do You Believe In Signs?

I would like to believe, but I have never been sure if “signs” from loved ones who have passed away are really possible. I sometimes think that maybe we just search for them to make ourselves feel better.

crazy dog lady
25 Reasons Why I Have Become A Crazy Dog Lady

Sometimes I think that maybe I am too attached to my dog… When my children ask who my favorite is and I say the dog, sometimes I actually mean it. I get excited to see his little face when I pull into the driveway. I speak complete baby-talk to him. He sleeps with me and

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