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Sometimes I Stress

What if I handle something incorrectly? What if I make the wrong decision?  There will be no one to share the blame with. This is very stressful.

Howie's birthday
Howie’s Birthday

There are many times when I need to make a decision on my own, and I think to myself, “What would Howie have done?”. Sometimes these questions concern me personally, but most of the time they are decisions about our girls.

Facebook Can Be Hard

When you are unhappy with the circumstances of your life, or going through a tragedy or just a hard time, it can be difficult to see everyone around you posting how deliriously happy they are all the time.

TV addict
How “Friends” Helped Ease My Sadness

A few years back, I was going through a particularly hard time. I noticed that there was a “Friends” marathon running. I put it on and plopped myself down on the couch. I watched my favorite show almost absentmindedly while, at the same time, found myself smiling at the familiar jokes.

bad luck
Is Bad Luck Really a Thing?

In the last couple of years, things were finally looking up. We seemed to be on a good run – until a few months ago, when the bad luck decided to form a black cloud over my house.

faking it
I Was Faking It

Living and being alive are two different things. Everything I did was because I had to, not because I wanted to. I was faking it.

My Twentysomething 90s Blog in NYC  

We hung around the apartment until 10 PM and then showered to be ready to leave by 11 PM. I put on one of my many black scoop neck body suits, high wasted Big John jeans, and my Justin cowboy boots. I used the diffuser on my blow dryer to blow my hair so that it was curly and fell to the side.

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