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my therapist
My Therapist

Eight months later, my therapist told me she was retiring. She actually said I was the patient she was dreading telling the most. This was obviously upsetting.

memorial tattoo
Yes I Have A Tattoo

With a little encouragement from my daughter, I decided to get a tattoo. I chose four little hearts on my ankle, for the four of us, with one of the hearts in pink, to represent the new me. 

don't look gay
You Don’t Look Gay

I was girly and I “looked straight” so I had to be straight. I had my first kiss, I would talk about the hottest celebrities with my friends, hangout with boys, and even “date” boys.

Why I Love My Antidepressants

Medication? I had never considered that before. My husband died – of course I was sad. That didn’t mean I was “depressed”. I was always a glass-half-full, easy-going kind of girl. I was not someone who took meds.

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