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Are you living a second act of life, career, romance, age and dying to tell the world about it? We are looking for relatable, creative content ranging from humor to advice to reviews to anecdotes about life, and everything in between.  In addition to the form below, we have some guidelines to help with your submission.

1. Your post should be approximately 800 words. Lists and short essays, how to guides (and humor) appeal to the widest audiences.

2. We reserve the right to edit your work and change the title. We promise it will be something relatable and relevant.

3. Social media and sharing. We will share all of your work across our platforms and include links to your own blog and social media. In turn, we ask that you do the same for us once your piece is published.

4. Flood us with fresh and original content. If we love your piece and it has appeared elsewhere, we will be happy to give credit to the initial source. If it first appears on Living the Second Act and you want to republish it, we ask that you give credit to us as the first publisher.

5. LTSA does not pay for submissions. We hope that the great exposure will help grow your readership on your own blogs and in social media.

6. Although we welcome all submissions, we are not able to publish everything. We do our best to get back to all writers within a week or so.

7.  One last ask: please do not double space after periods or between paragraphs.

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