About Mimi

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About Mimi GolubMimi Golub is the Co-Founder and Co-Editor of Living The Second Act, a publication that caters to women who are beginning again — with an empty nest, a new job, a new relationship or jumping into the forties or fifties decades with questions about what lies ahead.

Mimi was most recently interim Editor of betterafter50.com where she met her partner Stacy. Mimi has spent most of her life writing for lifestyle magazines, blogs and nonprofit organizations and hopes to publish her first novel Boxed In, in the not-so-distant future. Her writing has appeared in the Huffington Post, Better After 50 and on her own blog, Tequila in Bed. She is also the writer of the cookbook From Our Kitchens, published in September 2018.

Mimi is volunteer, mother and lover of all things tequila. She has run six Boston Marathons, raising thousands of dollars for organizations in need, and devoted her time and energy to a number of Boston-based charities over the years. Mimi and her husband Ron have been enjoying life as empty nesters for several years. As her twin girls graduate college and free Mimi from tuition bondage, it will be time for yet another “Second Act” filled with adventure, travel and the exiting launch of this online lifestyle magazine. She will, however, continue to be a concierge for her girls whenever they need a moving service, shopping assistance, travel reservations or anything shipped that was accidentally left behind during a visit home.



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