About Molly

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Molly is the Social Media Director for Living the Second Act. Living the Second Act has a brilliant message to share with their audience and Molly and her team are in charge of broadcasting that message to make the biggest impact!

As the founder and president of Social Roadmap, Molly leads a group of high-energy, decisive, problem-solvers that have a passion for working with companies who have a greater reason for being in business. Molly school of thought runs parallel with the Louisiana French term, Lagniappe, meaning ‘a little something extra.’ She truly believes that each company is unique, and your social media presence should be too. Which is why a great deal of time is spent collaborating to develop a custom approach that has a ‘little something extra’!

Prior to founding Social Roadmap, Molly’s career path was a little…different. She was an electrician in Mississippi and helped with the rebuilding efforts after Hurricane Katrina then moved to Denver to continue down the path of becoming a general contractor one day. However, she saw a need for small companies to make a big impact while working for a general contractor in Denver. She changed careers and found a passion for helping other businesses increase their social media presence and monetize their paid media budget online.

When she isn’t analyzing social media or planning a new adventure, Molly enjoys yoga, hiking and walking her dog, Omar. Molly earned an undergraduate degree in Sports Management with an emphasis on Business Administration from Elon University in North Carolina.



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