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Andrea Remke lives in Northern Kentucky. She has a degree in communications and journalism from Saint Mary’s College, South Bend, Ind. She is a recently widowed mom to an 11-year-old, twin 8-year-olds, and a 6-year-old. She is a freelance writer and blogs at www.kymomtotwinsandmore.com. Find her on Facebook and Twitter @andrealremke.7 Articles

Catherine Gentry is a writer living in Houston, Texas. She retired from practicing law to raise her three nearly grown children, and her writing has been featured online at Literary Mama, Grown & Flown, the "Voices" section of the Princeton Alumni magazine, and in the Houston Chronicle, as well as on her blog, "Words Count" https://catherinewordscount.wordpress.com/featured-writing/7 Articles

Denise Rosenblum is the President and Founder of Dynamic Development, a training company that specializes in developing employees to become stronger communicators, managers and leaders. Denise works with companies to create an environment where employees feel valued as a result of career development, training, feedback and coaching. Denise has over 30 years of professional development and marketing experience having worked at global companies including McCann Erickson, Young and Rubicam, Hill Holliday and Arnold Worldwide. Denise is a seasoned trainer, speaker, executive coach and an expert in communication skills, customer service and management and leadership development. She has excellent insight into people’s strengths and opportunities for growth. In her current role, as President of Dynamic Development, Denise has an extensive track record of building successful managers and leaders. Her areas of expertise include:

  • Executive leadership and management coaching
  • Identifying communication styles and how/where to flex your style
  • Providing talent assessment evaluations to company leadership
  • Building business through relationships and excellent client service
  • Performance management and giving constructive feedback
  • Developing and delivering successful and engaging presentations
  • Conducting efficient and productive meetings
  • Time management and prioritization
7 Articles

Megan Courtney is a widowed mom of three young wildlings, ages eight, six, and three, and dog mom to two goofy black lab mutts. She writes about her journey through widowhood and single parenthood on her blog (http://mom-entum.co/), and continues passionate work as an advocate and fundraiser for the National Brain Tumor Society. She is also a fitness enthusiast and health and wellness coach, who’s training for a half marathon and working toward earning her CPT certificate. Megan holds a BA in English Literature and always finds inspiration in the little things: her favorite song, a new book or planner, or a fresh set of pens. You can find her on Instagram as @megs_momentum.7 Articles

Second Act TV Junkie began watching at three years old with Sesame Street. She enjoyed Happy Day and Laverne & Shirley in the 70s, Dynasty and Knots Landing in the 80s, Friends and Beverly Hills 90210 in the 90s, Sex and the City and Entourage in the 2000s and today, anything from The Bachelor to This Is Us. She is now thrilled with Netflix to catch up on anything she has missed through the years. :)6 Articles

Sydnei Kaplan is Mom to Mia (21) and Ben (19), wife to David. She left a marketing career when Mia made her a mom and never looked back. Along the way she discovered her soul's true calling and found joy not just in raising her own children, but in supporting friends along their journeys. Currently she works part-time in a preschool and rediscovered her passion for writing at Mom in the Moment, her recently launched blog. Blog - https://www.mom-in-the-moment.com Facebook - @sydnei.in.the.moment Instagram - @mom_inthemoment Twitter - @Mom_intheMoment6 Articles

Seth Mendelson is the father of two sons, 24 and 21, and lives in Montville, N.J.  He is an award-winning journalist covering business, politics and sports and has been published in such publications as The New York Times and the Wall Street Journal in addition to his full-time job.

He lost his wife Donna to non-smoking lung cancer in October 2014.
5 Articles

I am a widowed mother of three youngish children, ages 20, 17, and 15 and two delicious canines. I lost my husband a little over 3 years ago to a very rare brain disease. I am a former elementary school teacher who has since found solace in putting pen to paper and journaling my story even if only for myself. I hope by now sharing my journey I can help others who are now or who have walked in the same shoes of widowhood.5 Articles

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