When Mimi Met Stacy

Mimi lives in Boston and Stacy in New Jersey. They didn’t go to college together, or camp, or high school. They had no friends in common. So how did they meet?

A few years ago, Mimi was working as Editor for a well-known website and was looking for fresh content and new writers. She came across The Widow Wears Pink, and found herself enthralled by Stacy’s story. Mimi reached out to Stacy through her blog and asked if she would be interested in writing for her site. Stacy was flattered and wrote a few articles for Mimi.

They soon formed a friendly working relationship. They had a great connection and seemed to “get” the same things.

When Mimi decided to leave her position, she immediately sent an email to let Stacy know. Mimi also mentioned that she was thinking of going out on her own to start a new site.

A light bulb turned on in Stacy’s head – she had been looking for a new opportunity. Could this be it? She offered to partner with Mimi to create something fresh together.

Still having never met in person, they created Living The Second Act.

They soon noticed what their readers were interested in – personal stories from real people. Everyone has a story and it always helps to read essays from like-minded people going through similar struggles and triumphs.

As we all go through growing pains in our second act, Living The Second Act is here to help navigate the path.

Mimi and Stacy hope that the stories shared here bring a smile, a tear, or even that “Aha Moment”.

Growth and change can be exciting, happy, scary, or even sad. We will discuss it all in Living the Second Act. We look forward to having you join us on the ride.

And by the way, Mimi and Stacy did finally meet, 9 months into their partnership…and they felt like they had known each other forever.


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