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my therapist
My Therapist

Eight months later, my therapist told me she was retiring. She actually said I was the patient she was dreading telling the most. This was obviously upsetting.

Carpooling As A Widow

Carpooling as a single person takes on a whole new meaning. I believe this goes for all single people – widowed, divorced, whatever. But for widows/widowers it’s even a little harder – this is seven days a week – 365 days a year.

dating as a widow
Dating As A Widow

I know I am not easy to date – I am truly a single mom. My girls are old enough to be left alone now, but a few years ago they were too young and it was important for me to be around for them.

plan a bat mitzvah
Time To Plan A Bat Mitzvah

Obviously I always thought Howie should be there.  I felt terrible that he was missing out on what would have been such a fun and happy time in our lives.

bat mitzvah
How Can I Make A Bat Mitzvah Alone?

How can I make a Bat Mitzvah and have a celebration like that without Howie? How can I sit through the service without him? I really didn’t know if it was possible for me to do this so soon.

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