Ask Wendy October 18, 2018

This week Wendy gives advice on “settling” and the best way to meet someone. Send your dating questions to Wendy – they can be completely anonymous!

Don’t Like Your Kids’ Friends? Here’s What You Can Do

It is inevitable that you will, over the course of your teen’s adolescence, dislike at least one of their friends if not more.

The Double Life of a Proper Housewife

I turned people on and told their truths and drilled my characters into their hearts. Virtual strangers shared intimate stories, asked my advice [!], and extended outrageous invitations to private online scenes.

Refreshing Fat-Burning Drinks You Will Love

Are you ready to Juice up your life? Of course you are, because you are ready for a slimmer you, reduced belly bloat, endless energy, and a radiant glow.

Do You Believe In Signs?

I would like to believe, but I have never been sure if “signs” from loved ones who have passed away are really possible. I sometimes think that maybe we just search for them to make ourselves feel better.

My Trip To Spain, My Way

For the next 12 days I walked up, down and across terrain I’d never seen in my lifetime. We traversed the Meseta which is known for being hot, lengthy and dry.

10 Tips for Parenting Adult Children

Your children have flown away from your nest, yet you will always be Mom or Dad. Here are 10 tips to help you parent your newly adult children.

7 Motivational Quotes That Helped This Widow

A little more than six years ago, just nine days after our second child was born, my thirty year old husband (and high school sweetheart), Kenny, was diagnosed with a brain tumor. From there, it was four and half years of beautiful highs (a third child!) and...

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