Author Christina Previte

Christina Previte is the CEO and Co-Managing Attorney of NJ Divorce Solutions (Previte Nachlinger PC) a law firm focusing exclusively on divorce and family law.

Christina believes that while a divorce is a stressful time in a person’s life, it is also a time of growth and new beginnings. Christina’s law practice caters to providing not only outstanding legal services to clients but also compassionate guidance and coaching for individuals who are planning a new life for themselves and their children.

Christina has a special interest in promoting women’s empowerment. Read more on her blog here: 

script for life
Is There A Script For Life?

If there’s no script for life, then why do we try to make sense of the people who don’t follow it?  The people who don’t get married. The people who don’t have kids.  The ones who quit a “good job” to start a crazy business…