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life changed
Life Changed: My Own Modern Family

My first thought as I looked at our table was, “Well, this is very Modern Family”. The widow with the divorced guy and four daughters between them, some with significant others, one being same-sex.

life lessons
Accidental Life Lessons

Every parent does it.  We actively (and often aggressively) teach our children life lessons –the ins and outs, the rights and wrongs, the dos and don’ts…

My Adoption Reunion Story

I grew up knowing I was adopted. I accidentally found out at a very young age. I can remember seeing my original birth certificate on our…

empty nest
10 Lessons I Learned In My Empty Nest

Jeff Bezos owes me a thank you note. Yes, the art of handwritten thank you notes may be almost extinct but given the number of orders I placed early in my empty nest period, It seems that the kids need something every day that they forgot at home.

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