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Walking Into My Third Act

I knew I could be happy again after loss; I knew I could walk myself happy.  This became a pivot point for my 2nd act. In the years that followed I ventured out into the mountains of my home state.

7 Lessons I Learned In Retirement

The retirement experience is different for everyone. There are many factors that affect what we do in retirement; health issues, age, finances, the geographical location where we live and family commitments.

Am I Aging Out Of Shopping?

I rarely focus on the fact that I am getting older, until I am reminded that I am. Clothing stores do a pretty good job of keeping me grounded in the aging game.

Forgiving Myself, Forgiving Others

My first order of forgiveness is to myself, for being so hard on myself. For falling short of the perfect body. For having negative thoughts. For tripping over my splintered soul.

almost 50
Almost 50 And Taking Charge Of My Life

I cannot emphasize this enough to the younger crowd, these “aha” moments absolutely come with age, because with age comes years behind you of a bunch of bullshit you have tolerated from other people.

losing someone
Losing Someone We Love

We are now at the age that things are starting to happen to our friends and family, with the pace escalating as we get older. 

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