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Walking Into My Third Act

I knew I could be happy again after loss; I knew I could walk myself happy.  This became a pivot point for my 2nd act. In the years that followed I ventured out into the mountains of my home state.

Reinventing Myself In My Second Act

In 2015, when my kids were 14, 16, and 19, I began to reinvent myself in the fitness industry as certified personal trainer and certified group exercise instructor who specializes in working with people ages 50 and beyond.

Acceptance Of Coronavirus-Related Fear

None of us are happy with the conditions on the ground right now—being stuck at home, juggling work obligations or being out of work while navigating stir-crazy children, worrying about health and safety and what on earth will happen next.

The Importance Of Networking

Networking is not a bad word. It is the lifeblood of making connections and learning new things. So if you are one of those people who hates the idea of networking, I am going to help change your belief and create a positive mind shift.

7 Lessons I Learned In Retirement

The retirement experience is different for everyone. There are many factors that affect what we do in retirement; health issues, age, finances, the geographical location where we live and family commitments.

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