Author Nancy Burger

Nancy Burger is an author, financial blogger, musician and seasoned writer who is committed to helping people embrace their fears on a path toward courageous living. Drawing on her life experience and years of research in the areas of cognitive behavior, behavioral finance and neuroscience, Nancy writes regularly on how fear manifests in relationships, parenting, work, creativity and money habits. She is the author of A Special Kind of Brain: Living with Nonverbal Learning Disability (Jessica Kingsley Publishers), a non-fiction work about parenting a child with special needs, and her work appears in Thrive Global and Elephant Journal. Nancy is also a singer-songwriter who performs in Fairfield County, Connecticut with her band, SoulTonic. Visit Nancy's website for articles, resources and a calendar of upcoming events.

Acceptance Of Coronavirus-Related Fear

None of us are happy with the conditions on the ground right now—being stuck at home, juggling work obligations or being out of work while navigating stir-crazy children, worrying about health and safety and what on earth will happen next.