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modern thanksgiving
A Modern Family Thanksgiving

As I sat at my Mother’s Thanksgiving table looking at the fantastic sunset, I was filled appreciation for the opportunity to break bread with so many people I am lucky enough to call my family.

After Divorce
Two Sides To Every Story After Divorce

We walk a fine line when talking about something so personal as divorce, and our roles in it. Whether we choose to share a lot or a little is also a very individual choice. But at the core, our stories tell as much about ourselves as they do about our exes.

Cherish What You Have

When I first got divorced, I would claim the upside (if there even is one) was that I finally had a moment to myself. I was able to read a book, go for a walk, and hang out with friends.

Man Leaving
Why My Divorce Isn’t Better Than Your Divorce

“Do you think it’s worse to be left for a woman than a man?”

If I had money for every time that question was posed to me, I’d have a lot of money. The truth is, I wasn’t left for either; I was put on the back burner so he could figure out his station in life. He came to the conclusion that, at 47 years old, he preferred men.