Author Lisa Freudenheim

Lisa Freudenheim is a law professor and founder of Legal Writing Consultants, a professional writing coaching firm working with individuals and companies nationwide. After turning 50, she decided to make time for writing about things that mattered deeply to her, like her two boys, her love of the water, and punctuation.

After Divorce
Two Sides To Every Story After Divorce

We walk a fine line when talking about something so personal as divorce, and our roles in it. Whether we choose to share a lot or a little is also a very individual choice. But at the core, our stories tell as much about ourselves as they do about our exes.

My Three Dads

By all accounts, legal and biological, I have had three fathers, a bounty that has left me reflecting on what it means to be a father, and maybe more so, what it means to be someone’s daughter.

Are You Bothered By The Exclamation Point? I Am!!!!!!!!!!

“Punctuation is a courtesy designed to help readers understand a story without stumbling.” – Lynn Truss, Author of NYT Bestselling Eats, Shoots, and Leaves Looking back, I can trace the root of it all to 1994, with the advent of “casual Fridays.” What for my younger self seemed a respite from convention soon revealed itself