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Mending Broken Friendships

Friendships are compelling and complicated. It’s as if two people who become good friends sign a contract to be supportive 24/7, love each other unconditionally, and have each other’s backs no matter what.

odd girl out
When My Daughter Was The Odd Girl Out

Where my daughter once had a constant stream of invitations for plans, she was now having to be the one to reach out. When she did reach out, a lot of the girls were suddenly busy with other things.

Lifelong Friends
11 Benefits Of Lifelong Friendships

We laugh – Not just regular laughter; it is such hysterical laughter that makes my eyes tear and my face hurt. We laugh about old times and new times – everything is just funny when we are together.

card game
The Weekly Ritual Of My Card Table

So that card table and those four hours every week have come to represent the state of my life. Tuesday nights at my house is filled with gossip, idle chatter, political commentary and the status of our favorite sports teams.

When Mimi Met Stacy...For Real
When Mimi Met Stacy…For Real

Living the Second Act Founders Mimi and Stacy have been in business for a year but have never met. Find out what happens the first time they get together.

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