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Mimi L. Golub is the Co-Founder and Co-Editor of Living the Second Act, an online magazine for women in their 40s and 50s who are seeking the truth. Mimi has written for numerous publications including The Huffington Post. She is the author of the someday-to-be-published novel, Boxed In. Mimi is also the writer and a staff editor of From Our Kitchens, a nonprofit cookbook that was released in 2018. In her spare time, Mimi loves to workout, drink tequila, and volunteer with many local causes. She lives in Newton, MA, with her husband and has twin girls who have left the nest. You can find her former work on: Follow Mimi on Twitter @mimigolub

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My Mother, A Medium and Letting Go

It’s hard to imagine that you can communicate with people who have passed away. It doesn’t really compute in the mortal world. Even though I love the movie Ghost, it lacks the trappings of reality.

Mending Broken Friendships

Friendships are compelling and complicated. It’s as if two people who become good friends sign a contract to be supportive 24/7, love each other unconditionally, and have each other’s backs no matter what.

Am I Aging Out Of Shopping?

I rarely focus on the fact that I am getting older, until I am reminded that I am. Clothing stores do a pretty good job of keeping me grounded in the aging game.

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