Author Randi Marcus

Randi is a freelance writer at The Write Thing to Say. She is a consultant for the Lustgarten Foundation for Pancreatic Cancer Research. She is a living donor. She is also a lawyer, a canasta teacher, a bridge student and most importantly a Mom. She consults, counsels and writes for anyone and everyone on most everything. Toasts, Roasts, Marriages, Divorces, New Homes, Old houses, Mitzvahs, Funerals and College essays and applications…she’s played a part in them all. She hopes to write a book one day too!

the mother I lost
An Ode To The Mom I Lost

My mom was extraordinary. She had a list of living donors willing to part with their organ just so she could live. In 1995 all that altruism and charity was frowned upon. Doctors would never think of taking something from someone that wasn’t a genetic link.

Man Leaving
Why My Divorce Isn’t Better Than Your Divorce

“Do you think it’s worse to be left for a woman than a man?”

If I had money for every time that question was posed to me, I’d have a lot of money. The truth is, I wasn’t left for either; I was put on the back burner so he could figure out his station in life. He came to the conclusion that, at 47 years old, he preferred men.