Author Michelle Hatch

Michelle is originally from Malden, Massachusetts and now resides in Falmouth (Cape Cod) with her two beloved dogs. She has been a hairstylist for many years and works in a popular spa in downtown Falmouth. She loves Crossfit, her dogs (any dogs for that matter) and Oreos.

high heels
I Miss My High Heels

Whether you cut your finger on a knife, break a bone or are dealing with an even greater life-altering health issue…..none of it is small or irrelevant if it’s affecting YOU.

Thankful For My Family This Holiday Season

We are not a Hallmark Holiday special kind of family. I think we’re better and far more fun. We are not traditional in the sense that we arrive to the host house in our best outfits, throw an apron on and help mom bake pies.

Trip to Spain
My Trip To Spain, My Way

For the next 12 days I walked up, down and across terrain I’d never seen in my lifetime. We traversed the Meseta which is known for being hot, lengthy and dry.

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