Author Julie Starr

With almost 20 years of experience in nutrition, Julie Starr has worked with a diverse group of healthcare practitioners including medical professionals, personal trainers, midwives, herbalists, and acupuncturists. She has served as the National Director of Nutrition at exhale Spas, a pediatric nutritionist at a local community health center, and taught nutrition courses at the college level. As a private nutrition specialist, Julie helps clients overcome any food or nutritional struggles, including weight challenges, disordered eating, and food allergies. Julie also provides nutritional guidance and program development as part of corporate wellness programs, including wellness lectures, webinars, and seminars to businesses throughout the country. She works with groups to develop healthful eating habits on the job, while educating and motivating each individual to lead a lifestyle that promotes wellbeing. A certified yoga and barre teacher, Julie also owns and teaches classes at Starr Yoga studio in Roslindale, MA.  She has recently launched her on nutrition supplement line SHIFT by Julie Starr and is a frequent contributor in local and international magazines and conferences. In her spare time, Julie loves to taste test foods all over the globe with her 9 year-old daughter Isabel and daydream of her future hobbie farm with silky chickens. Website: