Author Avril Gross

I am a perpetual child, full of curiosity and wonder.  Lover of words, music, books and a good cup of coffee. I am a never ending self- help seeker, a moon gazer, a crystal packing Reiki Master, a wanna- be healer,known to bake a scrumptious pumpkin cream cheese muffin,and craft maker to the re-gifters. Some days I want to save the world, other days I just want to eat coconut shrimp. Every day I am a soul rocker, lover of nature and the color pink. Most importantly, I am the Momma of two amazing human beings.

abject poverty
The Struggle Coming From Abject Poverty

I was a wounded and frightened child trying to live an adult life. After a year I wanted to have a baby, after all when you are finishing up your last year in high school, and a successful year at that, and you have outgrown the party scene, the next logical step would be to start a family.