Author Susan Fedorko

A lifelong resident of Minneapolis, Minnesota, Susan "Cricket" Fedorko (Grand Portage Band of Chippewa - Oijbwe) has contributed her writing to four anthologies on the subject of being adopted and has done numerous media interviews. This new memoir details her astonishing 22-year search for answers and describes touching reunions with both of her birth-families in two Minnesota tribal nations. Her Chippewa - Oijbwe, birthmother, a famous supermodel, died in 1997, a short distance from Susan's current home. A Memoir of Adoption Susie always knew she was adopted out at the early age of 11 months. She discovers at the age of 40 who her biological family is. Susie discovers her birth mother is the first native american supermodel "Cathee Dahmen". This is her story:

My Adoption Reunion Story

I grew up knowing I was adopted. I accidentally found out at a very young age. I can remember seeing my original birth certificate on our…