Author Toni Kief

Toni Kief is from a small Midwestern town and a family of high spirits and laughter. Presently lives in a small town in Washington state, she plans to stay for the view, trees, and friends. Her life story includes decades in insurance claims as one of the first women outside casualty investigators. A longtime civil rights activist, she shares stories about lunches with politicians, leaders, and artists. Toni didn’t start writing until she was sixty years old as a challenge. She joined a writer’s group that specialized in flash fiction which helped move her to novels. Toni prefers to write about women of “a certain age” and has five books independently published. Finally retired she continues to gathers stories prime for embellishment in extraordinary situations. Toni is a founding director of The Writers Cooperative of the Pacific Northwest and is a driving force in the continued growth.  Please visit: