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memorial tattoo
Yes I Have A Tattoo

With a little encouragement from my daughter, I decided to get a tattoo. I chose four little hearts on my ankle, for the four of us, with one of the hearts in pink, to represent the new me. 

Finding Myself Through Motherhood

As mamas we grow into our role and learn with our children. Our love for them is like no other because they grew inside of us and are part of our soul. Each of their milestones shapes us, too. 

stay out of debt
How to Stay Out of Debt This Holiday Season

You’re still paying off your 2018 holiday shopping. You’re worried about a possible recession. You feel pressure to buy gifts for family and friends this holiday season even though you can’t afford it. You’re planning on going shopping anyway. Sound familiar?

save myself
How I Learned To Save Myself

When I finally looked up, I realized that I was gone. The person that I once was had disappeared. It was frightening to the point that I didn’t want to accept it.